Fabric Pest Prevention


Vacuum and Clean

Prevention is important in fabric pest. It is important to frequently and thoroughly vacuum carpet and upholstery, and dry clean susceptible clothing such as the woolens. Baseboards, behind door casings,under heat radiators, and inside furnace or air conditioning registers should be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.




To not store discarded garments, fur or animal pelts, old wool rugs, feather pillows, or such vulnerable fabrics for long. Soiled fabrics such as synthetic fibers can also be infested by cloth moths or carpet beetles. Other potential sites that attract fabric pests can be dried flower arrangements, or decorative items with "seeds" in them. Keep an eye on these items in storage

In garment bags or storage boxes, moth balls would work fine for clothes moths.

Moth balls( napthalene ) can work as continuous repellent, but it must be in a stored, sealed container. Recommended rates for PDB are 1.0-1.25 lb. active ingredient per 100 cu. ft. of storage space. Cedar chests or cedar closets don't work well, because a sufficiently tight seal is rarely maintained. Cold vaults for garment storage would be effective for valuable furs



Do not move infested materials or garments from an infested area to another area. Items should be carefully examined before the move.



Keep the temperature as humid free as possible. Clothes moths need about 75% relative humidy for optimal conditions.

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