Get Rid Of Pantry Beetle Infestations

The insects that infest our foods, are callled stored product pests. Some are in a moth form and some are in a beetle or weevil form. Pantry Beetles are unknowingly brought in the home and not detected until you see these beetles near a food source. If it were a pantry moth, you would see a moth like insect flying. It is easy to identify the difference between the two adults, but the larvae is a little more difficult to identify.

Difference Between Pantry Beetles and Pantry Moths

There are a huge variety of stored product pests known as pantry beetles or pantry weevils. We go into some detail on some of the most common, The Confused Flour Beetle, Red Flour Beetle, Cigarette Beetle, Drugstore Beetle, Sawtooth Beetle, and Merchant Grain Beetle. These beetles feed on a wide range of food products, including pet foods, cereals, cookies, candy, nuts, dried legumes, pastas, spices, potato chips, crakers, dead insects and even dead animals. The lesser grain borere, the bean weevil , the granary weevil and the rice weevils feed mostly on whole grains and seeds. The weevils are less likely to feed on cereals and grains, unless it has become caked and hardened.The control and management would be similar for both pantry beetles or the pantry weevils.

There are also a variety of beetles of fabric pests that are not to be confused with pantry pest. These pests include black carpet beetle, furniture carpet beetle, and varied carpet beetles.

Pantry Pest Traps - Invite Multi-Insect Lure and Pantry Patrol

invite multi lure Invite Multi-Insect Lure combines five pheromones to attract various pantry beetles and pantry moths. It will attract the cigarette beetles, Flour Beetles, Saw-Tooth Grain Beetles, and others. It also attracts various pantry moths such as the Indian Meal Moth, Almond Moth, Tobacco Moth, Mediterranean Flour Moth and more.

Does not come with the glue boards. If you have glue boards already, use the scent free glue boards.

Buy Here: Invite Multi-Insect Lure

invite lure with trapper monitors This is the Invite Multi-Insect Lure with 12 scent free glue boards.

Buy Here : Invite Mult-Insecti Lure with Trapper Monitors

pantry patrol traps Pantry Patrol Pheromone Traps

These traps have a liquid pheromone lure and a pitfall trap, where the pantry insects fall into the pit. There are five pheromones in the lure.

Uses a sex-attractant and aggregate pheromones mixed in a natural grain oil Designed lure and trap a variety of beetles and moths that attack your stored food. Five Pheromones in one lure for Red Flour Beetle, Confused Flour Beetle, Indianmeal Moth, Warehouse Beetle, Cigarette Beetle, Mediterranean Flour Moth and Tobacco Moth

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alpine aerosol
Alpine PT Aerosol Alpine PT is a reduced risk insecticide, a residual aerosol ,with a crack and crevice tip , sprayed in the cracks and crevices, to kill the adult beetles and moths.

You will need 2-4 treatments spaced about 3 weeks apart, due to the nature of their cycles.

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phantom aerosol Phantom Aerosol has a very broad label for a variety of insects. Not only does is work well on pantry pest, but kills ants very well because it is classified as a non-repellent (the insects can not detect it.

Creates an undetectable treatment zone that pests continue to contact

Comes with a crack and crevice tip for crack and crevice treatments only.

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microcare aerosol Microcare Pyrethrin Aerosol kills on contact with its natural pyrethrin. It is considered a natural product, due to its active ingredient, pyrethrin. It has no residual.

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